Choosing furniture for you home can be a daunting task.  Whether you’re starting from scratch with your first home, adding pieces to what you already have, remodeling a room, or down-sizing. Shopping for furniture is an adventurous proposition. A quest.

You start by sticking a toe in the waters: You look online, check out a few blogs, and social media sites. You skim the home decorating magazines at the doctor’s office. You jot down a few notes. Maybe you take a few quizzes to discover your decorating style or to unearth what your color preferences reveal about the real you.

That’s when it begins to hit you: What’s in? What’s out? What’s you? What’s not? What could go with what you have? What will last over time? Trends, colors, fabrics, comfort, durability, costs! It’s enough to make your head spin!

So, here’s one sure-fire tip that’s guaranteed to set you on the right track to creating the comfort and look that makes you feel “at home” when you walk through your front door: Build your room, each room in your home, around pieces you genuinely love.

Designers call this your ”statement piece.” Maybe it’s a classic leather sofa and/or matching chair like our Splendor pieces.

Or maybe it’s an oriental rug. Maybe it’s your grandmother’s afghan. Or her antique Chinese curio cabinet. Maybe it’s a piece of folk art or a painting fell in love with and just had to have. What you love is not as important as the experience you have when you look at it or hold it or sit in it. That it “calls your name.” Knowing what you statement piece is is an intuitive, emotional experience vs. a logical decision; it’s an opportunity to connect with your inner muse, an exploration of what is beautiful to you—the discovery of what brings you comfort and joy.

Once you figure that out, you’re “home free.” The colors, textures, and style of your statement piece guide your choices. Shopping for furniture becomes empowering and exhilarating rather than exhausting. Your love will guide you. It works every time.

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